Amanda & Cam’s Wedding

Sorry for the delay in posts, I have so much to update on before I go on holidays.

So to start, here is the beautiful wedding of Amanda and Cam at Yeppoon

Nothing so romantic as a beautiful beach wedding

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Courtney and Reece’s Love shoot

Here is the engagement shoot of my good friends Courtney and Reece, taken on the banks of the Fitzroy.

I now love finding pockets of light to put people in, thanks heaps to Courtney and Reece for letting me move them to the exact location for this shot.  The wind made it extra difficult.

Natural expression and great light is what I look for.  In this case the light is from a natural reflector of a white wall, the expression is all Courtney and Reece after a little direction.

The concept here is great light (from the same natural reflector), framing from the trees, repeating pattern (also from the trees) and a voyeuristic photograph.

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Amanda and Cam’s sexy love shoot

Sorry for being a bit slow on posts lately, actually have a fair bit of catch up to do over the recent wedding season.  So here is the love shoot of Amanda and Cam

Amanda and Cam informed me that Gardens were not really there thing, so for something a bit differently I thought we would do a grungy sexy shoot in the city centre.

Kerri-Anne and Jason’s Wedding

My first wedding for central Queensland’s 2nd wedding season was the wedding of Kerri-Anne and Jason, who we met in the last engagement shoot.

First the all important wedding providers

Celebrant:Ted Tait
Flowers:Stylish Events
Hair: SJ Hair Studio
Makeup: Belles & Whistles
Wedding Cake: Taste of Luxury
Wedding Dress purchased from: Hills in Hollywood
Wedding Dress By: Allure
Wedding: Mantas on the Beach

Jason and his adorable son

His fiance, the stunningly beautiful Kerri-Anne got ready upstairs of Mantas

With her two equally beautiful girls

Kerri-Anne and Jason held the ceremony under the big tree in front of Mantas.

One of my favourites from the family photos, I just love the expressions and interactions.

We started with some photos on the beach

Then moved onto the park opposite Mantas, to capture that beautiful late afternoon light.

The following series were taken upstairs of Mantas.

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Mastering Children’s Photography – Episode 7 – When to use Black and White

You will often find that modern day playgrounds have these lovely shade sails to make the playground sun safe and bearable in the summer – Like Victoria Park on the south side of Rockhampton.

Unfortunately to make the place more colourful, instead of being a nice neutral grey, they make these shade sails yellows, reds and blues.  This has a really wacko effects on children’s skin tones, giving children ugly coloured skin in photographs.

Instead of throwing away these photographic opportunities, a simple fix is to change the photo to black and white – and ‘voila’ you have a professional looking photo again.

Having a natural looking skin colour is very important in any children’s colour portrait, and poor skin colour can be affected by a multitude of reasons, including reflections, wrong colour balance, poor quality phone etc.  And a simple professional fix for these problems can be to to simply convert the photo to black and white (and just tell people you made it black and white for ‘artistic’ reasons).

Effect of a red shade sail on skin tones, with a ‘fix’ by black/white conversion. Canon 5D Mark III, 85mm F.1.2 at f2.5, 1/1600 sec.

Kerri-Anne and Jason’s Engagement Sitting

Well wedding season for the second half of the year has begun, and my first wedding this season was with the beautiful Kerri-Anne, Jason and their three children.

Here are some of the photos from our family/engagement photo shoot the week before, the kids were just adorable

For wedding photographic enquires, please contact me at, ph 0420357201

Mastering Children’s Photography – Episode 6 – Landscapes

OK, this post is a about landscape photography, and not children photography, but there is a relation – you will see.

Now the absolute best time for landscape photography, is the hour before and after sunrise.  This is because:

  • the light/sun is low in the sky and creates interesting shadows and colours in the landscape
  • the wind is usually at its calmest, so you are more likely to have interesting reflections in water, and you don’t get blurry trees and grass from movement with the long exposures (which needs a tripod).

Unfortunately for many people (myself included), getting up an hour prior to sunrise just does not compute, especially on holidays.

This when young children, like my special Nate come in handy.  Nate likes to start the day an hour before sunrise (when it is still bl***y dark), so he becomes my special little reason to get out bed at this ungodly cold hour. Without Nate, there are so many sunrises and landscapes that I would not have had the opportunity to capture, and share with my special little boy.

Now if you are near Rockhampton and do not have a Nate equivalent, he is available for hire, with special rates available for week long visits.

So next time your child starts demanding breakfast at 4am, grab your camera, tripod and Weetbix, and take them out for a morning landscape photographic outing.

And make sure your tripod is sturdy, mine invariably gets used as climbing equipment by Nate.  I am a big fan of Benro tripods (from China), they are built like a tank, relatively cheap, and can handle a swinging Nate.

Just after sunrise at 1770, Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm f1.2, f11, 1/250 sec.

What I am reading to my children:
James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, just an absolute enjoyable classic.


Emma and Wayne’s Wedding [Yeppoon Wedding Photographer]

Finally, photos from the wedding of Emma and Wayne at Capricorn Resort Yeppoon.  It was a beautiful wedding set in the Japanese Gardens at Mecure Capricorn Resort.

The Providers

Celebrant: Deb-Edwards Brown
Wedding Planner: Edwina Roberts
Flowers:Tall Pines Florist
Hair and Makeup: Celeste Hinton
Wedding Cake: Nicole Svenson
Wedding Dress purchased from:Bridal Reflections
Wedding Dress By:Bella Donna
Wedding: Mecure Capricorn Resort

First we had Wayne and his brothers.  I made sure to make Wayne look super cool, and hide how nervous he really was.

The Emma, and her stunning bridesmaids.  Yes Emma you were absolutely stunning.

The Japanese Gardens at the Resort is just a beautiful location for a wedding.

Capricorn Resort just has so many different places to explore, in this case we followed the remaining light onto the golf course.

This last photo is my favorite of the day, with their reception in a Marquee by the pool in the background.

For wedding photographic enquires, please contact me at, ph 0420357201

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