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The Beef Ball Beauties

Every three years the number of cowboy hats in rocky triples as Rocky hosts ‘Beef Week’ with the final social outing being the ‘Beef Ball’.  A fellow photographer Jo O’Keffe was going, and allowed me to photograph her and her friend before the Ball, with the added bonus of allowing me try out my new...

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Jacqui Model Shoot

Here is some photos from my last model practice shoot, with the amazing Jaqui.  It was a sunny day, and Jacqui kindly let me put her in the sun from some sultry looks, sorry for this Jacqui, but I hope the photos made it all worth it.

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Practice with Anja

Here is some photos from sessions with the totally gorgeous model Anja, who I have to gratefully thank for giving up her time for some practice sessions. Here we are playing with window light, the absolute best light you can get for photography. And here trialling some flash photography Different day and costume, I put...

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Jerry Ghionis Workshop

  After my last wedding for the year, my totally understanding and beautiful wife let me go for a week to Melbourne without her, so that I can attend a wedding photoshop workshop with Jerry Ghionis. Jerry Ghionis is identified as one of the top five wedding photographers in the world, his work is really...

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Rocky Photo club Model Shoot

Here is some photos with the Rockhampton Photo Club last month with some help from Nikita and her sister to model for us – as you can see both stunning girls. Photos were taken in the club’s studio, with a single light on a Softbox with a black ground.   Again a great club to...

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The Art of Copying

Something personal There has been some recent discussion on facebook about one photographer who was copying another photographers poses and locations in Rockhampton, followed by a multitude of complaints suggesting  stealing and such such, Facebook comments seem to get a life of there own sometimes My views on this are very different, and sometimes I...

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I got a shootsac

Now it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Jessica Claire, my wife joking notes that she gets a jealous of the ordinate time that I spend looking at Jessica Claire’s blog (and yes I did name my camera after her).  However now that Jessica Claire recently got married and has a...

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Bella Diefenbach

Recently in Yeppoon there was a tragedy which resulted in the death of baby Bella Diefenbach. Having a baby the similar age of Bella really pulls home the value of all children, and how heart breaking it would be to lose one. I also had the immense privilege of capturing a photograph of Bella in...

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