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There has been some recent discussion on facebook about one photographer who was copying another photographers poses and locations in Rockhampton, followed by a multitude of complaints suggesting  stealing and such such, Facebook comments seem to get a life of there own sometimes

My views on this are very different, and sometimes I think photographers get a bit lost in their own importance and forget who is really important, the client.

I spend many hours studying paintings (particularly Renaissance art), magazines (I love Vogue) and other photographers, and I unashamedly copy and learn from them all the time. My interest is that we as photographers get better images of weddings for our brides. If you as a photographer like what I photograph, I encourage to copy it and learn from it, if it means a bride gets a better picture, then that is brilliant. I would also encourage you to put your own little twist on it, and hopefully you improve on what I do, and then I can learn from you.

If you want to know how I did something, please ask (like in comments) and I will tell you, as photographers we are only going to get better photos of weddings by learning from each other.

And because every post deserves a picture – something from the Bridal Expo at Goldstone House this year.

And for the photographers out there so they can copy and learn – Canon 5D (Mark 1), 50mm f1.2 @ f1.2 with natural light.  Photoshop work with  contrast boost.  Concept “borrowed” from Jessica Claire.

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Darren From CkmetroPhotos - August 25, 2011 - 8:15 am

Well said mate, everyone at some point will copy a pose etc, but the key here is to put your own spin on things, I have researched 100′ and 1000′s of wedding blogs and have borrowed the “Concept” it is about learning and growing…………… Well Said ! Can not wait to work with you !

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