Extreme lens

Llast week I finally managed to get a lens I have been dreaming about for taking portraits, the 85mm f1.2.  After I had a loan of one these, I have been “lusting” after this $3000 beauty.  So last week when it arrive, I put this baby through its paces as I tested it out on any poor sucker that came into view – yes mostly my poor children.

These two photos were taken f1.4 I just love the narrow view and out of focus areas.

Yeppoon Beach

Yeppoon Beach Photo

Another portrait at f1.4 of  a lovely girl called Suzie. I absolutely love this portrait, but had some comments about it not being a good photo because her eyes are not in focus.  I suppose it is a good starting point to see how I think of a portrait.  When a photographer/artist takes a portrait of somebody, they are photographing their view of the subject, and are often telling as much about the photographer as the model  When I look at this portrait, I see how elegantly Suzie holds her hands, her spoon, her mouth and her head, she is a dancer and it shows in everything she does, even in the  simple act of eating breakfast.  That is what I hoped to capture about Suzie, which is why the focus is not on her eyes.

The Dancer

I love what this lens does to skin tones, it just make everything look soft and beautiful.

Baby Portrait

Back to the kids again you can see what it does to skin tones when shot this narrow. I can’t wait to try it out at the wedding this weekend.

Rockhampton toddler portrait

The Rocky children

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