Monthly Archives: December 2008

Christmas Birthdays

We had a wonderful Christmas in Rocky, unlike other Christmases where we have spent it with mine or Trinas parents down south.  Mostyn for the first time understood Christmas, and will happily tell you that Santa goes around on a Ute pulled by kangaroos. One thing badly planned for poor Mostyn is that we celebrated...

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A warm summer morning

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the Mitchner family in Rocky.  As any locals know, it has been very humid and hot, the last couple of weeks, we started early, before 8, but it was still a warm morning.  However they were a fantastic family to photograph, involving lots hard work chasing two...

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Brisbane City Train

We are now back from our holidays in Brisbane, it was great to see Trina’s family, and relax and spend time with my children.  It was darn sticky and hot, which meant we did not get to do too much outside. One thing we did get to see was the Brisbane City Steam train.  Now...

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On holidays with my nieces

Hi, I am currently on holidays in Brisbane, staying at my sister in-laws place.  Last night we saw Billy Joel at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and it was fantastic, he is a real entertainer.  Looks a lot older than what is shown on the $45 dollar t-shirt stand, but he can still sing and throw...

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